The greatest Magic happens when the sacred that inspires meets hands that take action.

The greatest Magic happens when the sacred that inspires meets hand that take action.

Tempio di Ara APS is the non-profit organization of the Temple of Ara in Italy. It is non-partisan and non-denominational and it is inspired by the democratic principles of equity and equal opportunities.

Our aim is to share and promote the spiritual teachings and the values of the Temple of Ara: each one of us strives to be a small ripple in the wave of change that we would like to happen in the world.

For fiscal and insurance reasons membership in our organization (that can be renewed on a yearly basis) is mandatory to be able to take part in the majority of our activities.

You can download and read our statute by clicking here.

Fill the form below to proceed with your membership request for the current year and you will receive immediately by email the special code you need to be able to enroll in the activities that are reserved to members (like Study Groups, Workshops and Clergy Training).

By becoming a member of our organization you will be able to access all our members-only activities.

Fill the form below in all its parts and pay the membership fee by clicking on the PayPal button at the bottom of the page to submit your membership request for the current year (the membership is valid until the 31 of August as every year is counted as starting from September, like school years). PLEASE NOTE: if you submit the payment without filling in all the form’s sections the request will not be accepted and the payment will not go through. The “Fiscal code” field is valid only for Italians citizens, if you reside in another country please fill it in with the following random placeholder “RSDVGV93R24E844N” and send us your ID document code by email.
Minors and adults under legal guardianship that wish to become members instead of filling this form have to write us at


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Just as there is no separation between our life and our magic, the temple of Ara and its “home” in civic society walk hand in hand.